Other Important Dates:

Scholarship Deadline-November 1, 2019  



Logo Design Deadline-June 1, 2019


-2019 Calendar-

February 9, 2019      8:00AM(Doors open) 9:00AM(Meeting Begins)           

Winter All Coaches Meeting    Saint Louis VFW, 1295 W Monroe Rd, Saint Louis

*Agenda, Minutes, Financials, Proposed Rules, Nominations.

April 23, 2019             6:30PM to 8:00PM           

Coaches Meeting/Junior High Registration          Union City Middle School

May 19, 2019             8:00AM

Junior High School Show                                    Branch County Fairgrounds

July 30, 2019              6:30PM to 8:00PM  

Coaches Meeting/High School Registration         Union City Middle School

August 24-25 2019         8:00AM   

MIHA District 15 High School Meet #1-#2           St. Joseph County Fairgrounds 

September 8, 2019   8:00AM

MIHA High School District Meet #3                    Branch County Fairgrounds

September 27-September 30, 2019    8:00AM                     **Barn Map**

MIHA Regional Championship                          Berrien County Fairgrounds

October 10 -13, 2019         8:00AM

MIHA State Championship                              Midland County Fairgrounds

November 3, 2019       Doors Open @ 12:30PM

                                  Coaches Meeting @ 1:00PM

                                  Dinner @ 2:00PM

MIHA District 15 Awards Banquet                              Dearth Center,

       Junior and Senior High Rider Awards         Branch County Fairgrounds


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